Suction Side Cleaner Issues

As the name implies, suction side cleaners operate by using the suction created by the swimming pool’s filtration system. If your suction side cleaner isn’t working properly there are several items you can check before calling in a professional.

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Strainer basket

Is the pump strainer basket loaded with leaves and other debris? A full basket will not only keep the pool cleaner from working properly, it’s also bad for your entire pool filtration system. If you find debris in the strainer basket, clean it out. This should either take care of the issue, or at least help solve the problem.

Blockage in the vacuum
Is there a clog in the vacuum itself? This can be determined very easily by simply turning the vacuum over and looking for obvious blockage where the vacuum sucks in debris. To avoid injury do not stick your hands inside a vacuum when the pump is operating. Also insure that the pool pump is off before removing the vacuum from the water to avoid sucking air into the system.

Cracked hose
If you find no blockage in the vacuum look for cracks in the hose. If air is coming in through the hose it will deprive the vacuum of the suction power required to clean properly. Test for cracks by raising the hose, one section at a time, to the surface of the water. Be sure to raise the entire section above the water and keep it flat. You don’t want to miss any cracks that may be on the underside of the hose and are temporarily sealed when the hose is bent. Listen for sucking or hissing sounds. If you hear this you will know where the crack is located. If you discover cracks, replace the hose. Even if you successfully patch the crack in the hose, more will likely develop as this is usually the result of aging which causes the plastic to become brittle.

Hose blockage
If you find no cracks, it could be that debris is preventing water flow inside the hose. Turn off the pool pump and remove the hose. By holding the hose up to the light you may be able to see the blockage. If you do spot an obstruction, disconnect that section of hose. This will make removing the debris much easier.

In case you didn’t notice, the key word here, debris. It’s easy enough to remedy, however if you’re new to pool maintenance, you might not know where to begin.

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